Cards and events

Plans are built by arranging cards containing events in chronological sequence from left to right.

A completed Plan will contain branching event sequences which represent the potential consequences of a decision being made.

An event sequence in a Plan, as shown by the blue arrows

There are three types of cards: 

  1. Decision cards
  2. Choice cards
  3. Chance cards

Decision cards

Decision cards are the foundation of all Plans. They contain events which represent the options for the decision you are focused on now.

A decision card for a decision with three alternative options

Choice cards

Choice cards represent future choice situations where you will be able to choose any one of the events in the card to occur.

Choice cards are similar to decision cards, except that they are used to represent future decisions which can't be made now, but which may arise later in an event sequence.

Note: You generally shouldn't add choice cards directly to a decision card if you could achieve the same effect by adding more options to the decision card.

Chance cards

Chance cards represent future chance situations where chance will determine any one of the events in the card to occur, and the best you can do is predict the probability of each event occurring.

You can adjust chance card probabilities by clicking "edit probabilities" in the card menu.

You can edit probabilities in a chance card from the card menu

The probability for each event in a chance card needs to be set between 0% and 100%.

  • Use lower percentages when you predict an event is less likely to occur
  • Use higher percentages when you predict an event is more likely to occur

As you adjust the probability for one event the other event probabilities will automatically be adjusted to ensure the sum of all probabilities in the chance card equals 100%.

Adding cards

You can add cards to your Plan by clicking the "+" buttons at end of any event sequence.

Click the "+" buttons to add a card

Editing cards

You can edit event names by clicking on the name and typing in a new one.

Tip: Try to use short event names to keep the amount of text in your Plan to a minimum.

You can add or delete events using the card menu, which you access by clicking the card name at the top right of the card.

The card menu for a decision card

You can switch a chance card to a choice card, and vice versa, by clicking "switch card type" in the card menu.

Card and event limits

If you are subscribed to Prenario Starter, the following card and event limits apply:

  • Cards can have a maximum of 5 events 
  • Plans can have a maximum of 30 events (regardless of card number)