Making Plans for decisions

Good planning is fundamental to good decision making.

With Prenario it's easy to create clear and insightful plans for all sorts of difficult and risky decisions.

A Prenario Plan lets you visually map out all the options, opportunities and risks for a decision, so that everyone involved in the decision making process can quickly see what's important.

Prenario Plans help individuals and teams make clearer, faster, and more confident decisions.

Getting started

From your Prenario home page, you can click the "New Plan" button to create a new Plan.

There are two options for creating a Plan:

  1. Create a Plan from scratch
  2. Use a Plan template

Creating Plans from scratch

To create a Plan from scratch:

  1. Enter a name for your Plan
  2. List the options for the decision you are considering

Now you're ready to start building your Plan in the Plan editor.

Creating a new Plan from scratch

Using Plan templates

You can also create Plans from a variety of built-in templates that cover a range of example decisions. 

Once you've found the Plan template you want, you can start customizing it to suit your specific circumstances in the Plan editor.

Creating a new Plan from a template
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